Mir Sadat

“Tim is an outstanding communicator. I can honestly say Tim excels at the top 1% of his field & makes complex technical & policy terms accessible to the layperson.”

Namrata Goswami

“Tim is a powerful communicator and attentive listener.I'm excited by his ability to translate complex technical ideas into writing accessible by a general audience.”

John Parmentola

“Tim is an extraordinary communicator. He also has a keen sense of how to market complex scientific & technical ideas that the general public has difficulty grasping.”

Michael Krein

“I've been truly impressed by Tim's marketing & promotional abilities, his excellent technical knowledge and ability to quickly get to the heart of complex issues.”

Glenn Shimkus

“Tim has a terrific eye on important topics & trends and truly has a pulse on the industry. He is able to bring out the best in those he interviews in a way that is inspiring.”

Steve Brown

“A person of integrity, knowledgeable, insightful, service oriented...all descriptions of Tim Ventura. If the real estate industry could only multiple his marketing skills.”

Rich Ouellette

“Tim has always been someone I could count on to always has an open mind. His dogged pursuits into edgy topics have been a very rich source of unique information.”

Peter Garretson

“Tim has always been on the top of my list to answer short notice queries regarding emerging technologies, and who within his vast network would have expertise.”

Nicole Ocean

“Tim has proven to be very talented in many ways and has a wealth of solid experience in sales, marketing, advertising as well as creating custom websites.”

Chuck Moré

“Tim is a top notch marketing professional, with a quick grasp of process, integration, and messaging. I highly recommend Tim for any size business.”

Amber Taufen

“He's communicative and helpful, with a deep knowledge of both the real estate industry and marketing techniques, and is a pleasure to work with!”

Gina Masters

“He's a marketing genius and has a work ethic like few I have seen before. His depth of knowledge and ability to execute at a high level makes him an incredible asset.”

Eric Reid

“Tim is a bottom line driven guy. His knowledge and experience developing and deploying end to end digital marketing solutions is exceptional.”

Arlyne Szerman

“He is knowledgeable and understands how to explain complicated ideas & concepts. If you have technology questions, he is the one to ask.”

Mark Wiseman

“Tim is highly recommended. He is knowledgeable in the latest technologies and serves as a conduit of science & technology information and the latest trends.”

Lucas Edwards

“Tim in an excellent strategist. He thoughtful and self-motivated to achieve mutual goals and business. He works collaboratively and effectively with our organization.”

Steven Edwards

“Tim has worked with us for many years and does a superior job of managing our channel marketing campaigns and helping to meet our top-line revenue goals.”

Michael Moran

“There is no better colleague than Tim. He is one of the most dedicated professionals I’ve worked with and is willing to put that extra help whenever you need it.”

Richelle Mosely

“Tim is a rare person who pours himself into whatever he is working on and can speak in depth and explain anything he is involved with. His work ethic is second to none.”

Jesse Gonzalez

“Tim is a revenue driven marketer, and to sum it all up, Tim is an outstanding marketing professional. I rely on him for my own business & recommend others do the same.”