The Undiscovered Country

Tim is a futurist, business executive, startup founder, and marketing professional, with a proven track record generating tens of millions of dollars in client revenue and media appearances on TV & radio around the world. His work has been featured in publications like CNN, Wired, Janes Defence Weekly, The Discovery & History Channels, Nippon TV & more.

His career experience includes work for Fortune 500 companies and startups, and he applies that experience as a startup advisor & strategy consultant. While his focus is tech, I write on a variety of topics, and interviewed dozens of key S&T influencers, military leaders and heads of state on topics ranging from social trends to foreign policy.

In addition to traditional business experience, he’s worked as a writer, podcaster & tech evangelist, with experience identifying and analyzing scientific breakthroughs and emerging technologies across a large scope of disciplines. He’s covered advances in computing, fusion research, electric vehicle battery technology, superconductor research, and a variety of innovations in the aerospace sector among others.


Innovation Has A Voice

Tim has been interviewing world-changing subject matter experts across a wide scope of professional & academic disciplines for over 20 years – starting back in 2002 with his work at AAG. Over time, what started with the goal of sharing the wisdom of people he respected with the world grew into an online library of expertise focused on expert opinions in space, science, technology, & policy areas.

Altogether, Tim has recorded over 300 interviews – many of which are currently online in video format, across topics ranging from the UAP Phenomenon to government fiscal policy. Each of his interviews is a stand-alone overview for the thoughts & opinions of each subject matter expert, but together they help to educate a large audience across a wide array of topics.

The interview series extends to Tim’s work as the founder & moderator of the APEC Conference, which brings together innovators in emerging propulsion physics from around the globe. The conference has featured presentations by over 100 physicists, engineers & innovators, and has been featured in Popular Mechanics, The Debrief, – making it one of the most unique & popular events of its kind.


Reviews & Media