Innovation Has A Voice

I’m a communicator, helping innovators inspire the world with their ideas. I’ve been doing it now for over 25 years, with experience as a digital marketing executive and a proven track record generating tens of millions in client revenue. I’ve done TV & radio around the world, and my work has been featured in publications like CNN, Wired, Janes Defence Weekly, The Discovery & History Channels, Nippon TV & more.

I’ve leveraged my passion for technology as a startup advisor & strategy consultant for over a dozen companies, and take pride in working with science & tech professionals to help promote their vision. While my focus is tech, I write on a variety of topics, and interviewed dozens of key S&T influencers, military leaders and heads of state on topics ranging from social trends to foreign policy.

My career includes experience working as tech scout, with experience identifying and analyzing scientific breakthroughs and emerging technologies across a large scope of disciplines. I’ve covered advances in computing, fusion research, electric vehicle battery technology, superconductor research, and a variety of innovations in the aerospace sector among others.

These are only a few of my interests, which include traditional areas such as computing, physics, biotech, nuclear power, renewable materials, and aerospace, along with emerging disciplines like blockchain, bio-hacking, anti-aging medicine, artificial intelligence, consciousness studies, and more.

Finally, I’m proud to be a founding member and moderator of the APEC Conference, which brings together innovators in emerging propulsion physics from around the globe to discuss the latest experimental research. Over the last year we’ve featured presentations by over 100 physicists, engineers & innovators, and our conference has been featured in Popular Mechanics, The Debrief, – making it one of the most unique & popular events of its kind.

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