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For over two decades Tim Ventura has helped clients add tens of millions in top-line revenue by optimizing their sales & marketing pipelines. He delivers a rare combination of executive, systems & design expertise to help rapidly grow client business while simultaneously reducing marketing & advertising expense.

It all begins with the right strategy: identifying, profiling & effectively targeting the optimal audience to ensure that marketing is perfectly aligned with sales & revenue goals to produce motivated leads & qualified prospects.

Tim excels at translating high-level marketing strategy into creative campaigns designed to effectively engage the audience & capture leads. Work with him to refine your marketing funnel with high-quality digital advertising, branding & creatives to designed to inspire your audience with a strong call to action – and solid nurturing to keep your them engaged over time.

In addition to marketing, his expertise includes call-center design & implementation along with a strong background in sales process optimization to maximize your sales conversion efficiency and ensure that your processes, scripts, appointment setting, and sales flow smoothly & generate optimal results.

Tim’s focus is quality of service and providing a stellar experience through each stage of the customer acquisition process to maximize conversions and increase your bottom line.

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