Rich Ouellette

“Many people today have become like sheep and chosen nice, comfortable paths for life – never too hot, never too cold. Safe & sane is nice, but this often diminishes ones objectivity and/or metal agility. This can not be said of Tim.

No far from it, Tim has always been someone I could count on to always has an open mind. His dogged pursuits (research and hardware demonstrations) into a plethora of edgy topics have always been a very rich source of unique information that made me (and many others on the web) actually “think” rather than just following the mainstream.

I commend Tim’s strong character and resolve, as I know this has not come without a price. I am impressed that like Joaquin Setanti who said “Be wary of the man who urges an action in which he himself incurs no risk.” Tim has the courage to risk, has persevered “falling down eight times” and has had the backbone to “get up nine”. Bravo.”

  • Rich Ouellette, Chief Technology Officer at Bragi-Corp