TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. develops network applications that enable the delivery of Internet content, short messages, and enhanced data communication services. Our engagement involved management of a wireless E-911 project to deploy SS7 signaling sequencies using the SDLC & PMBOK methodologies, along with leadership of the virtual/cross-functional Development and Change Control Management teams to meet stakeholder specifications.

By overseeing signaling system sequence implementation & facilitating systems integration with the OSS pipeline, legacy telecom systems and E-911 call-routing applications, we were able to streamline business processes & deliver accurate routing maps for participating E-911 call-center clients.

  • Company: TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.
  • Category: Telecom
  • Start Date: 09.08.2002
  • Finish Date: 11.30.2013
  • URL:
  • Managed Wireless E-911 Reporting Project
  • Oversaw systems integration with OSS Pipeline
  • Streamlined E-911 deployment processes
  • Created detailed product training documentation
  • Entrusted with mission-critical data

“Tim is a rare person who pours himself into whatever he is working on and can speak in depth and explain anything he is involved with. His work ethic is second to none.”

– Richelle Mosely, Jack Henry & Assoc.