We contributed to an audience data acquisition & segmentation project to help First American Title better identify & reach out to real estate agents & brokers in their network. By segmenting their audience by revenue & metro-area, we helped create detailed analytics on potential real estate partners & reduce advertising costs and pre-qualification labor expense.

There are 2.2+ million licensed real estate agents in the United States, and the average agent closes only 12 transactions per year. Creating demographic segmentation to assist marketing allowed them to bracket their audience demographically and coordinate assignment to regional representatives.

  • Company: First American Title
  • Category: Marketing
  • Start Date: 06.01.2019
  • Finish Date: 09.01.2019
  • URL:
  • Nationwide data-acquisition & segmentation
  • Reduced advertising expenses
  • Optimized regional "reach out" campaigns
  • Identified key markets & new opportunities
  • Implemented cost-saving marketing solutions

“Tim is a bottom-line driven guy. His knowledge and experience developing and deploying end to end digital marketing solutions is exceptional…”

– Eric Reid, Speaker, Coach & CEO, Success Life™