Co-founded real-estate software company and built revenue to $800,000 over 2 years (~$400k per/yr). Sold company to pursue other ventures when REO (distressed property) market changed.

Hired & managed 15 direct reports (W-2 & 1099). Planned, developed, and released desktop & web-application software in .NET (VB/C#) and PHP/LAMP environments. Led internal systems integration efforts for billing/ecommerce.

Planned, coordinated, and executed weekly bulk-email marketing campaigns, established social-network marketing channels, and led customer acquisition for over 3,000 clients nationally.

  • Company: BPO Automation Group, LLC
  • Category: Software
  • Start Date: 06.08.2009
  • Finish Date: 06.20.2012
  • URL: www.bpo-automation.com
  • Co-founded real estate software company
  • Built revenue to ~$400,000 per/year
  • Created a client-base of 2,000+ subscribers
  • Pioneered BPO-form autocomplete software.
  • Pioneered BPO-order autocapture software.

“Tim has a terrific eye on important trends in real estate and truly has a pulse on the industry. He’s genuine, has a passion for our industry and he truly cares about helping others succeed.”

– Glenn Shimkus, VP Products, Docusign