Managed the development & deployment of the AT&T Fixed-Wireless E-Commerce portal in FYI 2001 (20+ million unique visitors/year).

Led virtual/cross-functional development team and Change Control Management to meet stakeholder specifications. Managed systems-integration with billing, provisioning, and legacy OSS systems using accepted PMBOK and SDLC methodologies.

Managed ecommerce-portal release schedules, performed capacity planning, and weekly reporting on sales trends, traffic-flow, and content-delivery effectiveness.

  • Company: AT&T Wireless Svcs (FWS Div.)
  • Category: Telecom
  • Start Date: 03.15.2000
  • Finish Date: 02.01.2002
  • URL:
  • Managed development of AT&T FWS E-Commerce Portal
  • Deployed portal for 20+ million visitor audience
  • Managed e-commerce integration with FWS systems
  • Led virtual/cross-functional e-commerce team
  • Performed capacity planning & metrics reporting

“Tim is a rare person who pours himself into whatever he is working on and can speak in depth and explain anything he is involved with. His work ethic is second to none.”

– Richelle Mosely, Jack Henry & Assoc.