Ranga Dias – The World’s First Room Temperature Superconductor

In this exclusive interview we explore the discovery of the world’s first room-temperature superconductor with Dr. Ranga Dias, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Physics & Astronomy at the University of Rochester. He joins us to describe his team’s historic achievement of room temperature superconductivity in an organically-derived carbonaceous sulfur hydride at a remarkable 58 degrees Fahrenheit and a crushing pressure of 39 million psi.

About Our Guest

Professor Ranga Dias received his B.S. from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2006 and his Ph.D. in physics from Washington State University in 2013. He joins the University of Rochester after a postdoctoral fellowship in the Department of Physics at Harvard University, where he investigated the quantum phenomena in hydrogens at extreme conditions.

Dr. Dias is an internationally recognized scientist in the field of high pressure physics, and his work has also been reported in popular press, e.g. New York Times, BBC, NBC, NPR, Physics Today, New Scientist, Chemistry World, Science News, and Nature News and Views.