Ralph Merkle – Cryptocurrency & Post-Quantum Cryptography

Cryptocurrency is poised to become the future of money, but that ambition is threatened by advances in quantum codebreaking. We’re joined by public key cryptography pioneer Dr. Ralph Merkle to learn how next-generation quantum-resistant cryptographic standards help blockchain encryption stay secure.

About Our Guest

Dr. Ralph Merkle has been a Distinguished Professor at Georgia Tech, and is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Molecular Manufacturing, in addition to being a Chair Emeritus at Singularity University, a Director at Alcor, and Co-founder of the Nanofactory Collaboration.

He has also been honored to be a recipient of the 2010 IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal for outstanding achievement in information science, in addition to a 2011 Fellow at the Computer Science Museum for his work on public key cryptography.