Paul Murad – The MorningStar Energy Box

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, so after 60 years of hype, an engineer and a physicist teamed up to test the claims behind the Searl Effect Generator — and their results were surprising. We’re joined by Paul Murad, a senior technology analyst for the US Department of Defense (ret.), to discuss his experimental replication of a modified Searl Effect Generator in search of hard empirical evidence for gravity-modification & energy generation effects.

About Our Guest

Paul Murad has over 25 years of public service as a senior technology analyst for the Department of Defense looking at foreign advanced and game-changing technology as well as defining future U.S. satellite systems for the next twenty years.

He started several technical conferences to include the First High Frequency Gravity Wave Meeting in 2003 as well as chairing five ISNPS STAIF Conferences that covered new propulsion technology, energy devices and communications issues.

In addition, Paul’s career has included 18 years in the private sector service at Martin, General Electric and SAI, he worked within diverse technical communities. Bendix and AAI Corporation, in an executive responsibility. In these aerospace corporations, he was involved in advanced state of the art programs from the Apollo, Gemini, the NERVA Nuclear Rocket Engine, the Space Shuttle and numerous tactical and strategic missile systems as well as the Navy High Energy Laser project. Other activities involved working on the National Aerospace Plane project, supporting Navy projects on advanced future jet turbine engines and identifying threats to support SDI.