Paul Czysz – Hypersonic Aircraft & Propulsion

It’s a name that evokes awe in the aerospace industry — Aurora, a Mach-6 hypersonic aircraft that nobody’s sure exists. We interview hypersonic pioneer Paul Czsyz for the inside scoop on Aurora and a next-generation Mach-15 successor that may be capable of even reaching space.

About Our Guest

Paul Czysz was a Professor Emeritus of Aerospace Engineering (retired) at Saint Louis University, the former Chief Scientist for the National Aerospace Place (NASP) project, and the CEO of his hypersonic research & consulting company, Hypertech Concepts, LLC.

Paul was a graduate of St. Louis University High School and Parks College of St. Louis University (Aeronautical Engineering). After graduation, in 1955, he worked for McDonnell Aircraft and served in the Air Force at Wright Patterson Air Force Base from April 1956 to February 1958. He transferred from Military to Civilian career and remained at Wright Patterson until September 1963. He returned to St. Louis to join McDonnell Aircraft and remain there until his retirement in 1991.

Paul specialized in aerodynamics, hypersonic flight and many other aerospace technologies. In 1986, he was named McDonnell Douglas Fellow for his work in hypersonic aircraft concepts. Upon his retirement from McDonnell Douglas, he opened his own consulting businesses.