Kara Cunzeman – Space Policy & Strategic Foresight

America’s space policy has largely shaped by decades of public-sector agency dominance, but as the private space industry begins to flourish, it’s time for another look. We’re joined by Kara Cunzeman from the Aerospace Corporation for a look at the role of strategic foresight and how it helps to shape future space policy and strategy. 

About Our Guest

Kara Cunzeman is a senior project leader for strategic foresight for the Center for Space Policy and Strategy at The Aerospace Corporation. In her role, Cunzeman is focused on cultivating a formalized approach to futures thinking at Aerospace through the strategic foresight Corporate Strategic Initiative (CSI), helping the enterprise adequately prepare its organizations and capabilities to proactively shape the future through innovative approaches across strategy, acquisition, science and technology portfolio management, policy, and operations. Cunzeman is trailblazing a new product line in strategic foresight for the corporation and is resolute in transforming opportunity mindsets for an abundant future space enterprise. Cunzeman joined Aerospace in 2015, and served five years with Aerospace’s Project West Wing, providing thought leadership and strategic insight into critical issues for the nation spanning global space advancements, technology development, and threat futures to a broad range of customers across Department of Defense, intelligence community, and civil sectors.

Prior to working at Aerospace, Cunzeman held roles in space systems engineering, vehicle operations, and space sensor development at Raytheon and General Atomics. Before that, she was at Packer Engineering, where her contributions were key to winning Phase II funding via a NASA Small Business in Innovation Research (SBIR) award for extracting oxygen from lunar soil.