K.M. Abraham – Lithium-Air Battery Technology

Range anxiety is the #1 consumer concern for electric vehicles, but a new breed of ultra-high energy density batteries may change everything. We’re joined by Dr. K.M. Abraham, an award-winning pioneer in lithium-ion battery research and the inventor of the lithium-air battery, who explains how a 40-year-old breakthrough in battery technology may lead to electric vehicles with a 1,000 mile range, smartphones that last for a week & drones that fly for hours.

About Our Guest

Dr. Kuzhikalail M. Abraham is the inventor of the lithium-air battery and a recognized expert on lithium-ion & lithium-sulfur batteries, with over 200 journal articles and fifteen patents on lithium and lithium-ion battery materials and performance, along with media contributions to news organizations such as Wired Magazine & the Wall Street Journal.

His 45-year career and pioneering work in battery technology has been recognized through numerous awards & honors, including the Electrochemical Society’s Battery Research Award, the International Battery Association’s Yeager Award, and fellowships at the Electrochemical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry, and many others.

Dr. Abraham is the principal of E-KEM Sciences in Needham, Massachusetts and a Professor at the Northeastern University Center for Renewable Energy Technologies. Learn more at his NEU faculty page and Google Scholar.