John Parmentola – Fusion Energy Research

Fusion energy promises to deliver a limitless solution to mankind’s ever-increasing need for energy. There’s enough deuterium in 50 cups of seawater to match the power generated by 2 tons of coal – but harnessing it isn’t easy. We’re joined by Dr. John Parmentola, former Senior Vice President at General Atomics, to discuss the future potential of fusion & compact fission reactors and the design challenges involved with building them.

About Our Guest

Dr. John Parmentola has built a highly distinguished career over four decades as a scientist, teacher, entrepreneur, inventor, innovator, a pioneer in founding new research fields, an international human rights activist, and a leader of complex research and development organizations with broad experience in the private sector, academia and high-level positions within the federal government and defense community.

He received the 2007 Presidential Rank Award for Meritorious Executive from President George W. Bush for my service to the Department of the Army. Dr. Parmentola was also an Air Force Intelligence Agency nominee for the 1996 R. V. Jones Award of the Central Intelligence Agency for his work in arms control verification, and a recipient of the Outstanding Civilian Service Award and the Superior Civilian Service Award for his many contributions to the U.S. Army. He is an Honorary Member of the U.S. Army STs, a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and a recipient of the U.S. Army 10 Greatest Inventions Award, the Alfred Raymond Prize, and the Sigma Xi Research Award. He has presented more than 500 speeches and published numerous scientific papers and articles on science and technology policy. He is also the author of an authoritative book on space defense.

Dr. Parmentola is currently a consultant to The RAND Corporation, where he works on defense, energy, and science and technology assessment, strategy, and planning issues for government agencies, both domestic and foreign. He also works on a volunteer basis for the National Academy of Sciences.

Before this role, Dr. Parmentola has served as a Senior Vice President at General Atomics, the
Director for Research and Laboratory Management for the U.S. Army, Chief Scientist at the U.S. Department of Energy, Chief of Advanced Systems & Operations at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

Dr. Parmentola has a Ph.D. in Physics from M.I.T. and has served on the faculty of M.I.T., West Virginia University, and as a Fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. Learn more about him on his website at: