James P. Hogan – Innovation & Authoritarianism in Science

Science started out being persecuted by the church, but it’s become an intolerant religion of its own, and questioning the accepted model is heresy. We’re joined by award-winning science fiction author James P. Hogan to discuss innovation & authoritarianism in modern science, and why today’s advances in basic scientific & artificial intelligence research may not take us where intended — if they take us anywhere at all.

About Our Guest

James P. Hogan was the author of 26 novels, 34 short stories, 5 story collections, and 2 non-fiction books throughout a literary career spanning 33 years. He is perhaps best known for the Giants Series, which he launched with the award-winning novel Inherit the Stars, published in 1977.

Hogan studied electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering at the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough, and later worked for first Honeywell, and later the Digital Equipment Corporation’s Laboratory Data Processing Group.

Hogan passed at age 69 from of heart failure at his home in Ireland on 12 July 12, 2010, and is survived by his wife, Sheryl, and his six children.