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We’re joined by Holger Thorsten Schubart, a German tech entrepreneur with the dream of converting ambient environmental energy directly into electrical power by harnessing graphene lattice vibrations.

Holger is the CEO of the Neutrino Energy Group, which has been working to develop a multi-layer power conversion technology they’ve dubbed the neutrinovoltaic cell.

Unlike it’s namesake, the “photovoltaic” cell, which captures EM energy on a 2-dimensional surface, Holger describes the neutrinovoltaic as being constructed in 3-dimensions using a massively multi-parallel arrangement of thin-film stacked sheets of graphene – each of which captures a tiny amount of energy that contributes to the net device output.

Holger claims an output of 3.6 watts per cubic centimeter from today’s neutrinovoltaic prototypes, with even higher potential output possible with future refinements over time.

Are neutrinovoltaic cells powered by solar neutrinos? Not exactly: neutrinos are electrical neutral subatomic particles that rarely interact with normal matter – but they’re incredibly plentiful. At the surface of the Earth, the flux is about 65 billion solar neutrinos per second per square centimeter, making them a powerful metaphor for the idea of a universe filled with energy abundance.

Holger has stated that he believes passing neutrinos do create lattice vibrations in graphene that contribute to the total energy produced by the cells, but downplays their importance, noting that they are one of many energy sources that cause lattice vibrations, which is ultimately what neutrinovoltaic cells are converting into electrical energy.

Regardless of contributing energy sources, graphene lattices have been shown to produce energy capable of being rectified into direct electrical current, as demonstrated by Paul Thibado’s “Graphene Energy Harvester” experiment at the U. of Arkansas. This experiment was unrelated to Holger’s organization, but considered relevant and supports energy conversion concept.

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