Avi Loeb – Oumuamua, ETCs, UAPs & Project Galileo

Guest NameAvi LoebGuest CredentialsAward-winning astronomer & theoretical physicistInterview TitleOumuamua, ETCs, UAPs & Project Galileo

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The Oumuamua interstellar object, Extraterrestrial Technological Civilizations, and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) are key avenues of research for Dr. Avi Loeb’s new endeavor, “The Galileo Project”. He joins us to explore these big-picture questions about the universe and his plan of action in the search for answers.

Dr. Avi Loeb is the Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of Science at Harvard University. Avi is a theoretical physicist who works on astrophysics and cosmology, formerly the longest serving chair of Harvard’s Department of Astronomy, the founding director of Harvard’s Black Hole Initiative and director of the Institute for Theory and Computation within the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Among his many achievements, Avi is a best-selling author, has published over 700 papers and essays, made major contributions to scientific topics including black holes and gravitational microlensing, and received recognition and awards from dozens of prestigious scientific organizations and academic institutions. He joins us today to discuss the UAP phenomenon, extraterrestrial intelligence, and humanity’s place in the universe.

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