Steven Kwast

USAF commander of the air education and training command

Mir Sadat

National Security Council Policy Director at the White House

Deepak Chopra

World-Renowned Author & Speaker on Alternative Medicine and Consciousness

Roman Shaykhutdinov

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan

Natalia Karayaneva

Founder & CEO of Propy Real Estate Blockchain Software

Kristin Smith

Executive director of the Blockchain Association

K.M. Abraham

Inventor of the lithium-ion and lithium-air batteries

Ralph Merkle

Inventor of public key cryptography and cryptographic hashing

Peter Garretson

Chief futurist & defense policy analyst for the United States Air Force

Michael Krein

President of the National REO Broker's Association

Dean Radin

Best-selling author, parapsychologist & consciousness researcher

Nick Eftimiades

Author of Chinese Intelligence Operations with the CIA, DIA & US Department of State

John Brandenburg

Plasma physicist working in astrophysics, quantum gravity & unified field theory

Paul Murad

Senior technology analyst for the US Department of Defense

James Woodward

Phycisist researching Mach's principle & reactionless propulsion

David Brin

Award-winning science fiction author & space scientist

Sharon Weinberger

Best-selling author & defense industry investigative journalist

Ed McCullough

Boeing principle engineer scientist & space colonization committee chair

Sergei Khrushchev

Designer of the Proton Rocket & son of Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev

Eugene Podkletnov

Superconductive materials scientist & gravity researcher

Stanislav Adamenko

High-energy physics & nucleosynthesis physicist

Dennis Bushnell

NASA Langley Research Center Chief Scientist

Robert Baker, Jr.

Physicist studying high-frequency gravitational waves

Heinrich Päs

Physicist studying high-energy neutrino interactions

James P. Hogan

Award-winning science fiction author & futurist

Robert Bussard

Atomic Energy Commission Assistant Director & fusion energy pioneer.

Natasha Vita-More

Author, speaker, innovator and award-winning pioneer in modern transhumanism.

Paul Czysz

Private investigator & electronics expert involved with Watergate & JFK