Sophie Wilson

Inventor of the ARM Processor

Miguel Alcubierre

Physicist who derived the Star Trek "Warp Drive"

Liz Parrish

Founder of Bioviva Sciences & Anti-Aging 'Patient Zero'

John Parmentola

Senior Vice President at General Atomics

David Deptula

USAF Lt. General & Dean of the Mitchell Institute of Aerospace Power Studies

David Harary

Senior Analyst At The Pentagon

Rob Murray

Head of Innovation at NATO

Nick Cook

Former Janes Defence Weekly editor & best selling author

Eric Felt

Director of the AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate

Joe Frankie III

West Point graduate, seasoned executive, and the award-winning author

Shannon Stuckenberg

CEO and Co-Founder at Genesis Systems LLC

Ranga Dias

Physicist who created the first Room Temperature Superconductor

Namrata Goswami

International relations & space policy expert and author of "Scramble for the Skies"

Steven Butow

Space Portfolio Director at the DoD Defense Innovation Unit

Steven Kwast

USAF commander of the air education and training command

Mir Sadat

National Security Council Policy Director at the White House

Deepak Chopra

World-Renowned Author & Speaker on Alternative Medicine and Consciousness

Roman Shaykhutdinov

Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan

Natalia Karayaneva

Founder & CEO of Propy Real Estate Blockchain Software

Kristin Smith

Executive director of the Blockchain Association

K.M. Abraham

Inventor of the lithium-ion and lithium-air batteries

Ralph Merkle

Inventor of public key cryptography and cryptographic hashing

Peter Garretson

Chief futurist & defense policy analyst for the United States Air Force

Michael Krein

President of the National REO Broker's Association

Dean Radin

Best-selling author, parapsychologist & consciousness researcher

Nick Eftimiades

Author of Chinese Intelligence Operations with the CIA, DIA & US Department of State

John Brandenburg

Plasma physicist working in astrophysics, quantum gravity & unified field theory

Paul Murad

Senior technology analyst for the US Department of Defense

James Woodward

Phycisist researching Mach's principle & reactionless propulsion

David Brin

Award-winning science fiction author & space scientist

Sharon Weinberger

Best-selling author & defense industry investigative journalist

Ed McCullough

Boeing principle engineer scientist & space colonization committee chair

Jean-Claude Diels

Physicist studying laser-stimulated lightning channels

Sergei Khrushchev

Designer of the Proton Rocket & son of Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev

Eugene Podkletnov

Superconductive materials scientist & gravity researcher

Stanislav Adamenko

High-energy physics & nucleosynthesis physicist

Dennis Bushnell

NASA Langley Research Center Chief Scientist

Robert Baker, Jr.

Physicist studying high-frequency gravitational waves

Heinrich Päs

Physicist studying high-energy neutrino interactions

James P. Hogan

Award-winning science fiction author & futurist

Robert Bussard

Atomic Energy Commission Assistant Director & fusion energy pioneer.

Natasha Vita-More

Author, speaker, innovator and award-winning pioneer in modern transhumanism.

Paul Czysz

Professor of aerospace engineering and hypersonic propulsion pioneer.