Sai Teja Peddineni

Veera Tardigrade Clothing Insulation
Holger Thorsten Schubart

The Neutrino Energy Group
Thomas Cooley

Hyperspectral Imaging
Nicholas Eftimiades

Chinese Intelligence Operations
John Storrs Hall

Nanotech Utility Fog
Avi Loeb

Oumuamua, ETCs, UAPs & Project Galileo
Ryan Graves

Navy UAP Encounters
Sophie Wilson

Inventor of the ARM Processor
Miguel Alcubierre

The Alcubierre Warp Drive
Liz Parrish

BioViva's Quest To Reverse Aging
John Parmentola

Fusion Energy Research
David Deptula

21st Century Air Power: Opportunities & Risks
David Harary

Space-Based Remote Sensing
Rob Murray

NATO’s Emerging Culture of Innovation
Nick Cook

UAPs & The Hunt For Zero Point
Eric Felt

The AFRL Space Vehicles Directorate
Joe Frankie III

LinkedIn Power-Networking for the COVID Economy
Kara Cunzeman

Space Policy & Strategic Foresight
Shannon Stuckenberg

Genesis Systems: Water From Air
Ranga Dias

The World's First Room Temperature Superconductor
Namrata Goswami

The Competition for Strategic Space Resources
Steven Butow

The Defense Innovation Unit
Steven Kwast

The Emerging Space Economy
Mir Sadat

The Birth Of The US Space Force
Deepak Chopra

MetaHuman: Freedom Beyond Symbols
Roman Shaykhutdinov

Russia's Silicon Valley
Natalia Karayaneva

Blockchain Applications In Real Estate
Kevin Knuth

UAP Flight Performance
Kristin Smith

The Blockchain Association
K.M. Abraham

Lithium-Air Battery Technology
Ralph Merkle

Cryptocurrency & Post-Quantum Cryptography
Peter Garretson

Future Air & Space Defense Trends
Howard Bloom

The Art & Science Of Celebrity
Michael Krein

The Post-COVID Market Crash
Dean Radin

The Global Consciousness Project & Parapsychology
Stuart Hameroff

Quantum Consciousness & Microtubules
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Chinese Espionage In The 21st Century
John Brandenburg

GEM Theory & Poynting Vector Propulsion
Paul Murad

The MorningStar Energy Box
James Woodward

Mach's Principle for Reactionless Propulsion
Franc Milburn

The Pentagon's UAP Task Force
David Brin

The Moon, Mars & 21st Century Tech
Sharon Weinberger

Defense Industry Investigative Journalism
Ed McCullough

Space & Lunar Colonization
Jean-Claude Diels

Laser-Stimulated Lightning Channels
Sergei Khrushchev

The Soviet Space Race & Proton Rocket
Eugene Podkletnov

Superconductors & Gravity-Modification
Stanislav Adamenko

High-Energy Nuclear Physics & Nucleosynthesis
Dennis Bushnell

Human Factors In Manned Spaceflight
Robert Baker, Jr.

High-Frequency Gravitational Waves
Heinrich Päs

Time-Travel in High-Energy Neutrinos
James P. Hogan

Innovation & Authoritarianism in Science
Robert Bussard

Fusion Drives, Nuclear Propulsion & The Polywell Fusor
Natasha Vita-More

Transhumanism & Space Colonization
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Hypersonic Aircraft & Propulsion